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Jordanville, NY: Bishop Jerome leads Divine Services at Labor Day Pilgrimage in Holy Trinity Monastery:

On Saturday, September 1, the annual Labor Day Pilgrimage at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, began in the usual way: with a procession of the wonderworking Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God from Holy Dormition Cemetery Church to the monastery’s main Holy Trinity Cathedral. There in the cathedral, an akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos and Venerable Job of Pochaev (the "minor" Heavenly patron of the monastery) was served before the icon.

His Grace, Bishop Jerome, arrived in Jordanville to lead the divine services, and prayed in church during the akathist. There followed the usual Saturday afternoon service, consisting of the Ninth Hour, Small Vespers, Compline, and the prayer rule for communicants.

That evening, the All-Night Vigil was well attended, and the litia was performed with a procession around the cathedral. So many people approached for the anointing at Polyeleos that the clergy returned to the altar just in time for the Doxology.

On Sunday morning, the "early" Liturgy was served at 6:00 AM in the lower St. Job Church, for those who had an obedience that interfered with attendance at the "late" Liturgy at 9 AM. The later Divine Liturgy was a full hierarchical celebration, with 20 priests and four deacons. The Epistle was read only in Slavonic, but the Gospel in both Slavonic and English.

Bishop Jerome delivered two sermons: the first, in Russian, on the Epistle reading’s words, "Our joy and yours", which remind us that the clergy and laity share one joy and need to be mutually supportive; and the second, in English, on those invited to the wedding feast and the man who was excluded for not caring to don a wedding garment: both showed indifference, which is deadly for Christians.

Holy Communion was administered from three chalices.

Upon conclusion of the service, a moleben was served in honor of the Pochaev Icon and St. Job, with a procession around the cathedral.

After Liturgy, monastery abbot Archimandrite Luke (Murianka) greeted the many pilgrims and guests who had come to join the brethren in prayer.

Many people stayed for the luncheon, to which all were invited. After the reading of the Lives of the Saints for the day, a brief word was spoken to those in attendance about the importance of theological education, the need for the work being done by Holy Trinity Seminary, the good work it has done in the past, and the current upgrade to advanced degrees. All were urged to support Holy Trinity Seminary.

That evening, Vespers was served, followed by supper and then Compline. Monday morning saw the serving of Matins and Divine Liturgy, celebrated by monastery and visiting clergy. Pilgrims returned to their homes spiritually enriched, thanking God for the opportunity to spend the long weekend at prayer in the Diasporan Lavra.
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[*]Welchem kirchlichen Oberhaupt wird während der Gottesdienste gedacht?
[*]Woher wird das Myron für die Salbungen bezogen?[/list]
Anstelle des im Abendland üblicherweise vom Ordinarius geweihten Chrisams wird das vom Patriarchen von Moskau geweihte Myron verwendet. Ferner wird im Kanon, in der Allerheiligenlitanei, den Karfreitagsfürbitten und sonstigen Kommemorationen anstelle des römischen Papstes der Moskauer Patriarch namentlich genannt sowie – anstelle des Diözesanbischofs – der Ersthierarch der russischen Auslandskirche.